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About Hexaèdre

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Hexaèdre is the French word for hexahedron1, a polyhedron with six faces, in other words, a D6.

This is a place where I write about games and code, but maybe I’ll also write about other stuff as well. If you’re wondering, the faces on the D6 represent video games (top face), role-playing games (left-hand face) and coding (right-hand face). And, of course, the outline is a hexagon, often used in role-playing games and wargames maps.

I’m a retired physicist, entrepreneur and coder. I’ve been playing RPGs since 1982, and board games (including wargames) well before that. I got my first computer in 1981. It was a Timex Sinclair personal computer and it had 8 KB 2 of memory, so I taught myself machine code to use it more efficiently. I’ve learned many other programming languages since and I’ve written production code used in the manufacturing industry.

Audio of how to say Hexaèdre #

  1. If you’re struggling on how to pronounce Hexaèdre, just say it like you’d say hexahedron, it’s close enough and it’s fine. I put an audio file so you can listen to it if you’re curious. ↩︎

  2. No, that’s not a typo. 8 KB as in 8192 bytes total for memory. For fun, you should open Word, create a new blank document (but don’t write anything in it) and save it. Then go and see its size in the file browser. I bet it’s more than 8 KB, and that’s an empty document! ↩︎

Denis Ricard
Denis Ricard
Loving husband, proud father, retired physicist, forever coder, and avid gamer.