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Release Notes


See the CL Informer page for more information about this application.

Version 1.0 build 75 #

Things to test for this update: tide information.

Added/improved in this release:

  • I completed all the help information (in the More tab).
  • I fixed a bug related to leap year (the code was there, there was just a bug in it, just saying).
  • I implemented tide calculations (thanks to Aki), although it still needs some optimization.
  • I now mention when the FMOCR is actually happening (instead of just saying “Today at noon”).
  • I made a number of small tweaks to the interface.
  • I am still migrating to a new concurrency model and notifications aren’t implemented yet.

Version 1.0 build 70 #

Things to test for this update: the various preferences (settings), changing the color scheme in particular, and the date and time the coliseum will be open.

It’s been a while since the last release, I re-wrote a lot of old code (from 2016) to update it to the new concurrency model (async/await). It’s much better but I still have some work to do to make notifications functional, so you’ll have to wait a bit more for that feature.

Added/improved in this release:

  • I added a preference to sort the exiles’ list (Clanning tab) by profession or clan instead of the default (by name).
  • I added an indicator for “newly clanning exiles” (set currently to flag those who started clanning within the last 5 min). It’s sort of like in the web version when people are in bold when they recently logged on. I also now display when an exile started playing in the detailed view (when you tap on an exile in the list), and date and time of the last server update below the list of exiles (Clanning tab) and under the Hear Ye (Crius) section (News tab).
  • I fixed some issues when changing the color scheme from ‘system’ to something else and back.
  • I added the next time when the Coliseum will be open as an alternative view to the FMOCR. The Coliseum is now the default view (my guess is that more exiles are interested in that than the FMOCR).
  • I now suppress Crius’ messages that only tell the time and that all is well, i.e., “It’s one o’clock and all is well”. These messages are not very useful when there is a clock on the next tab and it reduces the need for scrolling when you want to see the rest of the news. Messages that tell the time but that add some information that is different than “all is well” aren’t suppressed, for example when the full date is told, or when we have a situation here. Feedback on this is welcomed.
  • I changed the label of the last tab from Info to More, and added a toggle for the new Coliseum/FMOCR option in that tab (those toggles have the same effect as simply dragging the corresponding view in the ‘Astro’ tab, which also saves the user’s preferences. They improve discoverability of these features IMO).
  • In the More tab: I completed the help for “About this app”, “About Clan Lord”, “News”, and “More”. Not completed are “Clanning”, and “Astro”.

Version 1.0 build 62 #

Things to test for this update: notifications.

New shiny things:

  • Notifications. Swipe left to toggle. You can also open the exile’s detailed view and use the toggle there (above the notes on the exile).
  • Small tweaks to the layout everywhere.
  • Added an alternate display to show either the rising zodiac or the current tide. The tide data isn’t implemented yet, it’s just a placeholder for now, but soon™.
  • Added some preferences:
    • You can switch between tide and zodiac with the toggle there. Of course it’s easier to just drag the view directly in the Astro tab.
    • You can set the theme to light, or dark independently of the system settings, or use the system option to sync with it.
  • I put a help system in place and put some information in there but it’s not complete or final. I am waiting for the interface to settle before putting too much time into it.