Noodles App

Noodles is an app for pasta lovers who are picky about their noodles, and particularly families where there are pasta lovers.

The suggested cooking time found on boxes are for the average person, but tastes vary and some like their noodles Al dente while others prefer them well cooked. This also varies from country to country, and so suggested cooking times are influenced by regional preferences. If you have many noodles in your cupboard and want to cook them perfectly every time, it can be hard to remember your own preferences for just the right noodle.

This is where Noodles comes in. It's a list of all your noodles with your preferences for cooking time, and also for the right quantity to cook per person, be it for a full meal or as a side dish. It will also help you choose which noodle to cook by sorting by cooking time for example if you are pressed for time, or by ratings, etc.

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  • List of your noodles

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  • Detailed information

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  • Edit any detail

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  • Sorting options

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  • Noodle timer

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  • Run multiple timers

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  • Swipe left actions

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  • Swipe right action

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  • Easily start a timer

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