Virtual Tourist

What is this project?

Virtual Tourist allows users to specify travel locations around the world, and create virtual photo albums for each location. The locations and photo albums are stored in Core Data.

Users chose locations on the map by dropping pins and when the pins are tapped a photo album is created with images downloaded from Flickr that match that particular location. Users can delete photos from that album, or reload a new set of photos from Flickr.

What can you learn from this project?

Here are some of the things you can learn with this project:

  • how to use CoreData to persist data
  • how to uses Flickr REST APIs
  • how to diplay photos in a collection view using Core Data
  • how to download photos and store them in Core Data in a thread safe way without blocking the UI
  • how to use the new Core Data in Swift 3

Using CoreData is a core skill. This can help to you to learn how to use it.

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Fork it on Github

This project is available on my Github page under the MIT licence (read the LICENSE file included in the repo).


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