Alfred to Day One script (in Swift)

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I created a script in Swift and an Alfred workflow to help me quickly log completed task in Day One in a specific journal called simply log, to keep track of those things I do that weren't in my todo list. Read more


Noodles UX/UI improvement

swipe action

I've continued working on Noodles in the past couple of weeks since I got my certificate to improve various aspects, both in terms of functionality (UX) and in terms of visual appearance (UI). For instance, I've included an open source library to improve the swipe functionality. The iOS SDK has built-in support for swipe left gestures, but nothing for swipe right, and you can't put images in the actions tabs. I wanted the users to be able to start a timer by the swipe right gesture, and keep the swipe left for toggling the availability of a noodle and to delete. I've included SwipeCellKit using Cocoapods to my project and configured it. I had to create the icons I used for the actions sheets and I'm very happy with the result. Read more


Nanodegree, Search Ads and other stuff

raman downloads

The app I have currently in the App Store has really a niche market of people doing research in the narrow field of Raman Spectroscopy. Objectively, there aren't that many people in the world doing that kind of research. My app is a useful tool for those researchers though, and it seems to be doing relatively well. Read more


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