Custom TableViews

I've been having fun with my side project called Clanningwhich I mentioned in my last post. I decided to learn how to customize the TableViews and I turned to a really great resource if you're learning iOS which is NSScreencast. It's a series of short screen casts, about 10 minutes each, which cover lots of subjects on iOS development. I can't recommend that ressrouce enough for those starting out.

So after a little screen cast and some experiment this is how the app looks like now.

The astronomical data page:

astronomical data page

The players' list:

players' list

And the messages from the status page:

messages' list

I'm still fiddling with the theme (fonts and colours both) but it's less boring than the previous version was.

I'm learning a lot with this project and it's fun. I'm working on putting the networking code in a background thread at the moment, and then it'll be the notifications (when a friend logs on or when an 'alert' is sent) and persistent data store for the friends list.

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