Status of Clanning

I haven't had too much time to work on Clanning recently because other projects take most of my time but I wanted to show how the theme is evolving. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks now. I've had a lot of support from the GMs on the characters' images that I want to implement. My first order of business right now though is to put all the networking code in a background thread. Once this is done, I'll tackle the image editing and then notifications.

Here's what the 'Astro' page looks like at the moment. It shows most of the important astronomical data, including the next 2 FMOCRs (Full Moon Orga Camp Raids) in local real time (which takes Daylight Savings into account). RL dates and time are in a different color from the in-character data and with a '[RL]' prefix.

On my to-do list for that page is to decide between 24h notation or am/pm notation, because at the moment it uses both and that's inconsistent. That might go into an editable preference eventually.

The 'Players' tab shows a badge with the number of players clanning at the moment and if there were any 'Alerts' there would be a badge on the 'Messages' tab with the number of alerts.

This is to let players know what's going on in the game.

Screenshot of the astronomical page of the Clanning app

I'm wondering if I should release the app before all that. Perhaps it would be helpful to some of the clanners out there?

Here what the Players tabs look like at the moment.

Screenshot of the players' page of the Clanning app

The idea is that when you click on a player in the list, it shows detailed information on that character, including its customized look, and it let's you set notifications for when that character logs on.

And this is the Messages page:

Screenshot of the messages' page of the Clanning app

By default, when notifications are implemented, it would notify you when there's an alert here (special events in the game).

I need to find or create artwork for the sections on this page. Koppi messages would be a megaphone for instance, Crius perhaps a town crier's bell, etc.

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