Status of Clanning

I haven't had too much time to work on Clanning recently because other projects take most of my time but I wanted to show how the theme is evolving. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks now. Read more


Custom TableViews

portion of the astro screen

I've been having fun with my side project called Clanningwhich I mentionned in my last post. I decided to learn how to customize the TableViews and I turned to a really great resource if you're learning iOS which is NSScreencast. It's a series of short screencasts, about 10 minutes each, which covert lots of subjects on iOS development. I can't recommand that enough. Read more


New Project: Clanning

Excerp from the screen of the Clanning app showing a moon phase and a constellation

Just for a change of focus and, admitedly, for fun, I started a new (side) project recently. It's an application for an online game I play. Read more


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