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Suldokar's Wake part 5

·1391 words·7 mins
Now that we covered the character’s type, in this post I cover the other aspect of character creation which is the background and keywords.

Suldokar's Wake part 4

·1248 words·6 mins

In this post I go into more details about the three types of characters: the Apt, the Core, and the Prime.

Suldokar's Wake part 3

·1386 words·7 mins
In this post I’ll introduce the setting which is mostly (but not only) a planet called Zira-Ka.

Suldokar's Wake part 2

·1285 words·7 mins
In this post I cover a few more SW key concepts such as Spaces, Implants, Formulæ, Harm, Shadow, etc.

Suldokar's Wake

·1481 words·7 mins
This is part 1 of a series on a planetary sci-fi role-playing game by Christian Mehrstam, a Swedish independent game designer.