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Suldokar's Wake

Suldokar’s Wake1 is a science fiction role-playing game set in the far future of an ancient world. The players take on the roles of adventurers in a game of monster fighting, techno-scavenging, mystery, intrigue and discovery.

Official site #

Community #

Glossary #

  • a glossary of terms to help those new to Suldokar’s Wake

Learning the game #

This is a series of posts to introduce the game to new players.

  • part 1 introduces some of the key concepts about what makes a character.
  • part 2 completes the key concepts introduction and presents an example character.
  • part 3 is an introduction to the setting.
  • part 4 discusses Types (Apt, Core, and Prime) in more details.
  • part 5 discusses Backgrounds and Keywords in more details.
  • part 6 discusses Life-forms.
  • part 7 is the procedure for creating a character from scratch.

Resources I made #

More resources on the Official site #

  1. I have no affiliation with the game or the author, I’m just a fan. ↩︎

Denis Ricard
Denis Ricard
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