CL Acronymes

A partial list of acronymes used commonly in CL

These are mostly those I used in my scrolls

Acronym Signification
AI Ash Island
BC Bear Cave (default to old)
DC Dark Chamber
DP Dred Passage
EP Ethereal Plane
FH Foothills
FI Fire Island
FMOCR Full Moon Orga Camp Raid
GMV Greymyr Village
HH Hatred’s Hollow
KB Kitty Beach
KI Kizmia Island
LV Large Vermine
NBC New Bear Cave
OBC Old Bear Cave
OC Orga Camp
OE Orga Eye
OOB Orga Outback
OV Orga Village
QC Queen Chamber (Myrm by default)
SH Scarmis Hole
SQC Scarmis Queen Chamber
TG Tree Giant
TI Tenebrion’s Island
TK Tenebrion’s Keep
TT Tenebrion’s Tower
TW Tangglewood