Hexaedre means hexahedron in French

Hexaèdre: nom masculin, polyèdre à six faces.En français

In other words, a six-sided die…

hexaedre logo

This site is about my hobbies, most of which are about games where you throw dice, hence the name and the logo. This site’s primary goal is to have a place to share stuff I make for the games I play. I like doing character sheets and price lists, for example, and this site is here so that I can have a place to share them with others.

As long as I’m putting stuff for others to use, I add some of my thoughts on games, but you can disregard those.

I also like coding in various contexts and in various languages. I write about that sometimes in the blog. For example I might write on how I made this site or about some script I made to generate NPCs for a game.

About me

I studied theoretical physics, then applied physics, then I did research in an optical fibre lab at the University, I made a few inventions, wrote an optical fibre component manufacturing software, then I founded a high-tech company to market those components. Following that I had a career in high-tech startups management that lasted 20+ years. I then went back to software development because it’s what I like the most.

I’m now semi-retired (mostly because of health problems).

Contacting me

You can find all the various ways to contact me in the footer on this site. The best way to contact me is by email.

Build with Jekyll

For those wondering, this site is made with what’s called a ‘Static Site Generator’. If you don’t know what those are, there are a couple of good articles explaining that here and here, and the pros and cons of static versus dynamic websites here.

Jekyll is one of many static site generators. You can find out more about Jekyll here.

All you need is a good text editor (I use Sublime Text and sometimes BBEdit) and a terminal app (I use iTerm). And it helps (and not just for static websites!) to know a little about Markdown.

This site uses a great theme called Feeling Responsive by Phlow.