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So, what am I up to these days you ask? These days I am:
  • Reading about Tàijíquán (also known as Tai Chi) and starting to practice again.
  • Writing a page for this site on Tàijíquán with notes of things I read and learn (might be online soon).
  • I started looking into learning Mandarin.
  • Learning about concurrency in Swift for an iOS application I am making.
  • Building an iOS companion application for a game called Clan Lord
  • Playing Fallout 76.
  • Going through a list of things I want to add to this site this year (adding a ‘/now’ page was on that list).
  • Currently on a break from GMing a role-playing game called ACKS II. I’ll get back to it when I have reached a point with my app where I can share it with people to test.

Note: This is what’s known as a /now page. See this page to learn more about this. See other “/now” pages here, and my own entry over there.