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Research Effort on Ethereal Flow — REEF.

Ethereal flow #

Yellow Circles are locations confirmed by us, blue circles are additional locations reported by Marfak.

ethereal flow

Kyuem placement locations #

Locations marked with an * are those locations confirmed by us. There seem to be a lot of locations in EP6 for some reason. Also, the number of sectors where there are two locations is perhaps an indication that this is what we should expect.

Location Linked EP snell
Ash City (NE corner, barrels) EP2 Sapphire *
Undermarsh (entrance snell) EP2 Onyx *
Glen Castle, 2nd floor (down), south edge EP2 Opal *
Undermarsh (N cliff above Delva) EP2 Topaz *
Gho-Wei - Mine Entrance Snell EP3 Amethyst
Ash Island (bonfire) EP3 Diamond *
Lugubrion’s tower (top) EP3 Diamond *
OOB 23 EP4 Ruby
Estuary - 1W of Rickety Log Bridge EP4 Ruby
2S of Outpost Bison Plains (stairs to snowy) EP4 Garnet *
Souther River Delta (mountain entrance) EP4 Amethyst *
Windweft Mountain (ledge above ice cave) EP4 Sapphire *
OOB ? EP4 Onyx
Gho-Wei - Outside Haunted Fane Entrance EP4 Topaz
South, West of Outpost Bison Plains EP5 Garnet *
East Forest W of North Pass EP5 Onyx *
East Forest WWN of South Pass EP5 Topaz *
East Ensconcement (obelisk snell) EP6 Ruby *
Snaggy (Rieger) EP6 Garnet
OOB (Trainer’s grove) EP6 Diamond
Northwest Forest SW of North Most Snell EP6 Diamond
Savanah (NE mushroom snell) EP6 Onyx
Wetlands (NW snell) EP6 Onyx
Metz Rainforest (C1-L) EP6 Onyx *
East Ensconcement (north side of bridge then east 2-3) EP6 Opal *
Tenebrion’s Island E,N of South Entrance EP6 Topaz
OC 3 EP7 Diamond
Gho-Wei Northern Most Bluff Before Beach Drop EP7 Emerald
Gho-Wei E Island Well Snell EP7 Onyx
Metz Rainforest (C3) EP8 Emerald *
Ash Barrens Bridge Snell West of Entrance EP9 Diamond *
Metz Rainforest (C4 entrance to Tepui) EP9 Garnet *
Malachite Cave 3 ?
OOB 32 ?
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Denis Ricard
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