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Games give you a chance to excel, and if you're playing in good company you don't even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.
Gary Gygax

It’s summer time now and usually that means less opportunities for gaming. You’d think that summer would mean more time for gaming, but past experience proves this is not so, at least for our gaming group. People go on vacation (not all at the same time), there are parties, activities, things to do outside, etc. There are remarkably few weekends in a summer if you consider all these events, which leads to less time to have a game with friends.

Perhaps this will change a bit this summer! This summer I want to initiate my youngest daughter to RPGs. She 13 now and her English is getting better (we speak French at home so English is a second language, and most of my games are written in English). She had expressed her interest to play a few years ago but I thought she was too young. She did play a bit with her cousins (the older game mastering, the younger playing) and they had fun but they were clearly not ready for the real deal. They felt cheated when things did not go (exactly) as they would have liked and they did not play in-character at all, but more as if they were playing a video game where they could go back to a saved game if things didn’t turn as they expected. No thought at all to the consequences of their actions. Her cousin was even murdering people in taverns for no particular reason except he felt like it!

Now a few years later, I think she is more mature and can grasp the game, so I think it’s now time to introduce her to RPGs. I was preparing to run some Call of Cthulhu for our regular group, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for my daughter yet, so I decided to prepare something in the fantasy RPG category. I searched for a megadungeon (because I’m lazy, these days) and found something interesting called Dwimmermount which had a version compatible with Labyrinth Lord and one compatible with ACKS. I am not very fond of Labyrinth Lord so I looked at ACKS to see what it was about and found myself very enthusiastic about it. It is close to the AD&D that I played all these years and it has a fresh take on many things that feels right to me. So I decided to go with this version and to invest myself in learning ACKS and preparing a campaign for my daughter and my regular group, putting Call of Cthulhu on hold for the time being, at least until next fall.

I’m almost ready now, only a few things to tie up. I chose a world to put Dwimmermount in because the included surroundings in Dwimmermount did not appeal to me. I chose the excellent Southland from Point of Lights by Goodman Games. I made a few alterations to the map (see below), changing the names of towns and cities because I want to use some material I have. I also placed Dwimmermount on the map, of course!

I decided to use the deities of Dwimmermount, but I changed their spheres of influence a bit to suit my taste. I made a selection of spells for each deity and decided on some specific proficiency for each. I also decided on which classes I would accept, selecting 12 of them (6 human classes and 6 demi-human classes). I made a price list (one of the first things I do with almost any system I work on). I also made a list of the proficiencies that I will use, with some variations from the Heroic Fantasy Handbook, and decided on a few optional rules and a few house rules I will use. Most of this work is not ready to be shared, but a couple of things are:

So, all in all I’m very pleased with the way things turn. I look forward to GM’ing ACKS and teaching my daughter how to play RPGs. I hope they have fun exploring this magadungeon!

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