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ACKS II Resources

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Illustration by Old School Jelly that will be in the Monster Manual for ACKS II.

There is a new version of the excellent Adventurer Conqueror King System, called the Imperial Imprint version, or ACKS II. It was recently kickstarted quite successfully and will come out later this year. Those on the KS, like me, already have a draft of the rules, so I started making playing aids for the game. I shared them in the usual place: Resources page, but as I add things to that section I will now also mention it in this part of the site.

Character Sheet #

The character sheet for ACKS II that I made. I prefer landscape version and I tried to make it so that there is plenty of room to put stuff, but it also all fit in one page for low level stuff at least. I also made it so that I can make a henchman/NPC version with a duplicate of the left half of the sheet. For henchmen I can put the extra information at the bottom of the skills list and I don’t need as much space. I’ll add other pages when we reach domain play.

Character Sheet for ACKS II

And, since I think an example is better at showing what’s intended for a character sheet, here is one.

Lanthicius Character Sheet

Henchmen Sheet #

And here is the henchmen version.

Henchman Sheet for ACKS II

Players’ aids #

I also made a couple of playing aids for the players.

One for combat.

Combat summary

And one for healing.

Healing summary

Gamemaster’s aids #

And a couple for the Gamemaster as well.

One for dungeon delves.

Dongeon delves summary

And one for wilderness delves.

Wilderness delves summary

More to come #

Adventurer Conqueror King System II is a complete game (it’s not complex, there is just a lot of it!). I’ll do a proper series on it in the coming year, probably a multi-part series like I did with Suldokar’s Wake. As I make more stuff for my campaign, I’ll also add them to the Resources page.